A bottle of whiskey may be worth 5.8 thousand. dollar

The US State Department’s counterpart, the State Department, checks in whiskey worth 5.8 thousand. dollar. The bottle was to be received by the then head of the department, Mike Pompeo. A gift of this value must be reported for anti-corruption purposes, but information about this is contradictory.

A bottle of whiskey is worth 5.8 thousand. A dollar was a gift given by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to the Japanese government. This information was provided by two people whose testimony was announced on Wednesday.

Bottle 5.8 thousand. dollar

However, it is unclear whether Mike Pompeo himself carried a gift in his hand. According to the documents, the whiskey was presented to the State Department on June 24, 2019, and on that day Pompeo himself was on a trip to Saudi Arabia.

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You can familiarize yourself with the receipt of the gift from the Federal Register, where gifts of high value from foreign governments are entered. However, such gifts often go to office employees who accept correspondence on behalf of their superiors.

US government officials may legally retain gifts of less than $390. If their value is higher, gifts that are property of the federal government should be purchased. The $5.8K is generated from entering the Federal Register of Property Benefits for Officials. According to the people who testified in the case, no such amount was received for a bottle of whiskey.

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Often the information is incomplete

Mike Pompeo has reported through his attorney, William A. Burke, that he has no recollection of ever receiving a bottle of whiskey and does not know what might happen to it. Nor was he aware of the State Department investigation.

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The New York Times recalls: “Donald Trump administration officials routinely ignored guidelines for daily government tasks such as reporting and ethics, and paperwork for receiving gifts is often incomplete.”

Mike Pompeo is considering running for the Republican nomination as a presidential candidate in 2024.

pdb / The New York Times

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