The female lived not only her partners, but even the biologist who first collected them in 1956.

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Wisdom, the oldest known wild bird, gave birth to offspring. The chick was born in Midway Atoll

According to the Polish edition of National Geographic, a wisdom chick hatched in early February in the Midway Atoll Nature Reserve in the North Pacific Ocean. This is where a million albatrosses return to their nests every year.

“The chick’s father is Wisdom’s longtime partner, Akeakamai, with whom the USFWS says the female has been a spouse since 2010. USFWS also reports that albatrosses find their life partners through group ‘dance parties’ – we read In the published article At the website.

Scientists from USFWS say Wisdom may have had other partners before and produced more than 30 chicks. Because although albatrosses mate for life, if necessary they can “form” new relationships (for example, if an individual dies).

“Since it only nests every two years, the international bird watchers community is waiting anxiously to see if they can return and establish a nest. The odds are slim, so whenever that happens, it is a cause for celebration for many,” said Shawn. International Birdlife Australia. As NG explains, the chances of Al Hikma returning to Midway Atoll are “slim” because seabirds are finding it difficult to obtain food due to human activities (fishing, climate change).