We recently wrote about what the streets of Soobsk look like after winter. We have shown some places to clear. Our readers wrote about what strikes the most, in their opinion, of the cityscape and what needs to change. We also know the position of President Kristina Danielika and Wojevodzka on this issue.

“Send pictures from another crowded place. It is a side road from the Mujahideen. Cracus is heading towards the railway bridge.” “Hundreds of cigarette butts strewn across the grass.” “Half of Poniatowski and Małachowski (newly refurbished) without a single litter box, let alone dog litter boxes.” “There are no baskets.” “Meadows are scattered, total shit. There is no sidewalk, no alley, no walking path without dog droppings.” “Cleaning up after the dog isn’t a problem for me, but finding a box, even if it’s normal, to get rid of it … the stairs have already started.”

These are just some of the comments that have appeared under the articles about the mayhem on the streets of Swopsk. You can see that residents are noticing the problem, most of them complain about dog owners not cleaning up after their pets, lack of litter boxes, as well as dog droppings, bottles, cans and cigarette butts on lawns and sidewalks. Also, there are those who want the sand that was used to maintain sidewalks in the winter to disappear from them in the end.

We also asked Mayor Krystyna Danilecka-Wojewódzka to take a stand on the chaos in the city. She believes that Swopsk is a clean city, and that chaos is a marginal phenomenon.

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Our city is clean – I will stress it with all my strength, because these are the facts. This is also what the tourists who visited us before the epidemic always said about Supsk. It’s impossible to alter this image with some irresponsible behavior for some of us. We, the people and the population, are responsible for the shape of our immediate surroundings – says the mayor of the city. – If we do not respect each other, we do not respect the environment and the common space, and it happens that we face unpleasant situations. Of course, after the winter months we notice if the sand is on the sidewalks or other elements that give the impression of being messy. Therefore, we are constantly taking measures to put it in order. And so it will be. In addition, it should be noted that we are working on a new concept that also includes, for example, communities, cooperatives and other entities in the active and joint work of order in the city.

The president also notes that the city does not enjoy absolute freedom everywhere, because many polluted lands are owned by individuals:
Remember that not every district of Swopsk belongs to the city – private owners are also the owners of land, real estate and roads. It happens that residents inform us that a plot of land is neglected. We, of course, recommend that owners keep their belongings clean and tidy and take our calls often. However, the city cannot enter the private property and clean for the owner. This is not what this is about.

Cleaning is one solution, but as is known – prevention is better than cure, which is why the president encourages residents to respond when they see someone in the trash.

Our services ensure the best possible arrangement in public places. But even more intense cleaning procedures may not be sufficient if you throw bottles or cigarette butts at your feet without hesitation. We all have to interact, cleaning up for irresponsible people will not solve the problem, as Krystyna Danilecka-Wojewódzka appeals. As the city of Słupsk, we made a frequent appeal and conducted information and educational campaigns targeting the residents of Słupsk, with the aim of changing attitudes and increasing awareness of the need to nurture the urban space.

An example of ul. Niedziałkowskiego 6, where the officials and non-governmental organizations They worked together.
There, thanks to conversations and dashboards, but also simply – attention, the problem of dogs not being cleaned after being taken for a walk could have been reduced. Maybe not completely, but significantly. We definitely shouldn’t be afraid of reminding our neighbor or family to clean up after their pet. It’s very simple – Danilecka-Wojewódzka cheers Krystyna.

The president also expressed the view that the problem of maintaining order certainly does not concern the entire population.
I know that a large part of the population are responsible people, but there are people who do not want or cannot care where they are to live. I hope that over time, thanks to the actions of the local government and the population, we will succeed in changing this situation and making the city of Sowopsk even more beautiful than it is now – says Kristina Danilika-Wojevodzka.

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