According to a statement published Thursday in Armija Inform, the website of the official news agency of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, women from the local armed forces will advance in the march. high heels During the military parade on the thirtieth anniversary of independence. Female soldiers train twice a day, and, as the arrogant Major Eugene Balabushka said, “they’re making progress.”

It’s a little harder than military boots, but we try

– One of the soldiers reported to the service.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine trains female soldiers to march in high heels

After the photos appeared on the government website, Elena Kondratyuk, Deputy Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, appealed to Defense Minister Andrei Taran to resign from this item of clothing.

It was also endorsed by Olga Stefanizina, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration. Marina Azizna, Minister of Social Policy. Julia Sabotina, Minister of Veterans Affairs; and Katarzina Yushchenko, State Commissioner for Gender Policy. Together, they issued a statement criticizing the decision of the Ministry of Defense.

High-heeled shoes do not correspond to the skills of female soldiers, and to demand a Prussian showmanship in such shoes deliberately harms their health.

– They wrote.

The purpose of every military parade is to show the military capabilities of the army. There should be no room for gender stereotypes and discrimination

– They added.

In response to the criticism, the Ministry of Defense published another series of photos on its personal Facebook page, this time of soldiers from other armies, shoes on high heels. Stefaniszyna, along with other women who signed the statement, noted that although the militaries of some NATO member states wear high-heeled shoes as part of the women’s uniform, they are not worn during rallies. Perhaps the arguments convinced the Ministry.

After hearing the suggestions of the female students who actively participated in the conversation, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine instructed the deputies to consider the possibility of purchasing the required number of experimental shoe models, especially for the anniversary. New and improved shoes should be more comfortable and made in the shortest possible time

– We can read the last statement. It was also added that “for the Department of Defense, this is a good opportunity to show the public that interest in the army is a priority.”

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