Donald Trump has finally begun the formal process of transitioning from his administration to that of Joe Biden, but he continues to make ill-intentioned claims about US election security on Twitter.

Emily Murphy, the head of the Trump-appointed Public Services Department, said on Monday that the federal government recognized Biden as the “clear winner,” while the president said he had ordered his team to cooperate with the incoming Democratic leadership.

However, although an observer said the beginning of the transition period appeared to be a “fleeting attempt in adulthood” by Mr. Trump, he continued to lie about what he claims was the most corrupt election ever. There is no evidence to support this, and his security officials have said the opposite is true.

“We are moving full speed ahead.” Trump said on Twitter, “He will never give up the fake ballot papers and” Dominion, “referring to the vote counting system that he blames for his defeat.

Meanwhile, Biden and Kamala Harris are preparing to officially unveil their national security team at an event this afternoon. The list includes Avril Haines as Director of National Intelligence, the first woman to hold the position, and Anthony Blinken as Secretary of State.


Stacy Abrams’ scathing response to Trump’s finally starting the transition

Stacy Abrams’ scathing response to Trump’s finally starting the transition

John SharmanNovember 24, 2020 08:17


Poland is retreating from official recognition of Biden as the incoming president

Zbigniew Rao, the foreign minister, made the statement on public radio on Tuesday.

Polish President Biden congratulated his successful election campaign, but Warsaw did not officially recognize him as the next president.

When asked when he would do so, Mr. Rao indicated that the Electoral College, which officially elects the president, did not meet until December 14, and that legal appeals could continue until the opening on January 20.

“It depends on the political and legal developments in the United States itself,” he told public radio.

During the election campaign, Biden accused Donald Trump of supporting authoritarian leaders around the world, citing Poland among others.

John SharmanNovember 24, 2020 08:11


Taiwan praises “good interactions” with the incoming Biden team

Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that Taiwan has had “good interactions” with Joe Biden’s transition team.

Taipei enjoyed strong support from the Donald Trump government, including increased arms sales and visits by senior officials.

Taiwan is ruled democratically, but China says it should submit to Beijing’s rule.

A spokeswoman for the island’s foreign ministry, Joan Ou, said the government had good contacts with both the Democratic and Republican parties.

She said, “The State Department and our representative office in the United States have continued to maintain smooth communications and have good interactions with the Biden team through various appropriate means.”

John SharmanNovember 24, 2020 07:59


Trump finally signs Biden’s move for the sake of ‘the best interests of the country’ but does not acknowledge his loss

Our full story about the big development that happened last night

Donald Trump has authorized the formal transition from his administration to that of President-elect Joe Biden – even as he insists on continuing his battle to overturn the Democratic victory.

Four years after a surprise victory over Hillary Clinton and nearly three weeks after Election Day this year, the president announced that he was ordering the government body tasked with overseeing the transition to begin operating.

John Sharman24 November 2020 07:44


TRUMP: We will never give up

Just a few hours after announcing that the transition would be allowed to proceed, Donald Trump once again took to Twitter to make it clear that that doesn’t mean he’s giving up on fighting the election result.

Adam WethnalNovember 24, 2020 07:06


Trump is losing confidence in the legal team

Donald Trump says he will continue to fight his legal battles over the election outcome even after he accepts that the transition process must begin – but the president has particularly expressed his growing concern that the legal team he has put up is “fools … which makes him look bad,” according to NBC News. .

Adam WethnalNovember 24, 2020 06:09


Trump’s advisers told him he shouldn’t have to say ‘concede’ but ‘it’s time to move on.’


Another Republican senator openly siding with Joe Biden

Senator Bill Cassidy from Louisiana took to Twitter to say Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump.

Graeme MasseyNovember 24, 2020 01:50


Trump comes out loud and tweets. It has always been this way

Graeme MasseyNovember 24, 2020 01:45


Biden welcomes the formal transition process needed to bring the pandemic under control

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