From time to time we inform you of new apps that – pretending to be useful software – are only meant to harm our phones. Google’s systems verifying apps are not 100% efficient and some of them happen to end up in the Play Store.

Nine harmful apps on Google Play

Now, nine other apps that were actually malware have been discovered on Google Play for some time. One program was used to edit photos, another was used to optimize the phone by cleaning the internal memory of unnecessary files, and the To display the constellations.

Specialists discovered that the real goal of the app authors was not actually to help users, but rather to steal their data from dr. the web. Experts tracked 10 new Trojans, 9 of which were available on Google Play.

The list of malicious applications is as follows:

  • PIP Image (more than 5 million downloads)
  • Image processing (500,000+ downloads)
  • Garbage Cleaner (100,000+ downloads)
  • Inwell Fitness (100,000+ downloads)
  • Horoscope Daily (100,000+ downloads)
  • App Lock Keep (more than 50,000 downloads)
  • Lockit Master (more than 5000 downloads)
  • Horoscope Pi (over a thousand downloads)
  • App Lock Manager (10 downloads)

Well-made scam

Each of the discovered apps was fully functional, and was supposed to calm the users’ alertness. However, it did display annoying ads which can be stopped by logging into their Facebook page. However, the apps displayed a modified login page of a popular social network that saved and sent the victims’ login information and passwords to the criminals.

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Apps have been downloaded from Google Play a total of at least 6 million times, which may translate to about 6 million infected phones. If any of them are present on your phone as well, you should definitely remove them as soon as possible.

Obviously, Google has already removed all nine apps from the Play Store. It also banned the accounts of developers who shared this program. As stated, however Gadgets 360 service, This does not mean that similar applications will not appear again on Google Play. Developers can create new accounts in the store worth 25 tokens dollar. Therefore, it is worth noting that you do not download any software from the producers that we are not aware of or that we cannot verify.