The clause to remove the ban on advertising of abortion was included in the coalition agreement of the newly established German government. The convention states that “physicians should be able to provide general information about abortion without fear of prosecution.” The 177-page alliance agreement is titled “Dare to Make Further Progress.”

The project is ready

The Minister of Justice has prepared a bill to repeal Article 219a of the Criminal Code, which regulates the prohibition of advertising of abortion. As he pointed out, the goal is to put an end to the “impossible legal situation” in which doctors who provide information about the method they use can be judged. “Nobody can put anything online about these things, but skilled people don’t,” said Marco Buschmann.

He added that there was no need to fear that a change in the law “would make it possible to advertise abortion in a praising or indecent way.” Other legal rules, such as the medical professional law, already forbid this.

– In addition, there is no danger that the souls of fetuses will no longer be protected in the future – added the German Minister of Justice. “Even after the planned change has been introduced, actual termination of pregnancy will still be a punishable offence. Only women who benefit from pregnancy counseling can avoid this punishment,” reports Deutsche Welle.

Marco Buschmann also noted the expected constitutional complaint from the CDU/CSU. – If the CDU/CSU go to the Constitutional Court, that is their right. But it will not work – said the politician from the Liberal Free Democratic Party.

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