The Polish national team will play two matches in March 2022. One of them will be the semi-final match in the play-offs with Russia, and the second will be the final with a player from Sweden – the Czech Republic or a friendly match also with a country of this duo. The match scheduled for March 29 was to take place at PGE Narodowy in Warsaw.

Where will the Poles play? President Colisa decided

From the very beginning, the theme of the match in PGE Narodowy was not certain, because due to the epidemiological situation, there is a temporary hospital at the Warsaw Stadium. Unfortunately, the medical demand for bed space did not decrease and Cesare Colisa had to decide to change the meeting place.

As we found out, the boss has already made a decision on a new site. In the team’s hosting match at home, there were stadiums in Chorzow, Gdansk and Wroclaw. Finally, Piao Zeroni will play the second match in March at the Silesia Stadium. According to our information, President Kuliza himself appeared in Chorzov. “He has negotiated very favorable terms for the Polish Football Association” – we hear from the source. An official announcement is expected on Wednesday, January 19.

This information shows that the first match of the Polish national team in the new year will be held in Chorzov – regardless of whether it will be a friendly match after being eliminated in the semi-finals with Russia, or a head-to-head fight for a trip to Qatar. .

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