According to the Kiev Ministry of Foreign Affairs, one day after the accident, five Ukrainian citizens and one Russian citizen were among those rescued. The bodies of three sailors were found.

On January 18, it was reported that there were 12 people on board, including 10 citizens of Ukraine and two foreigners. According to the Turkish authorities, these are two Russian citizens. The Ukrainian Embassy in Turkey announced that rescued Ukrainians had been discharged from hospital on Monday.

The video below shows the moment when the tragic events began. Due to the strong winds, high waves were rising into the sea. At some point, you hear a crack that foreshadows crew problems. When the ship begins to sink, the film is broken.

Survivors of Ukrainian sailors told Ukrainform that it took five minutes from the time the ship sank to the bottom. The wind began to draw strength from 11.00-11.30, the waves reached 6 meters. We heard the ship crash and the alarm sounded. The signal was sent that the ship was sinking at 12.20 pm. The ship sank quickly, in about five minutes – They said.

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Among the crew members were sailors whose first voyage was, as well as those who have already completed several contracts on this ship, writes Ukrainform.

According to the Turkish Ministry of Transport, a ship flying the Palau flag docked near the port of Partenin due to the harsh weather conditions, then it split into two and sank. The ship sailed from Georgia to Bulgaria. According to the Kiev Foreign Ministry, the owner of the ship is a Ukrainian company.

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