Photo posted by Poles Caitie Palusak (right) and Julia H will be No.2 at the Second League Tennis Championships at Springside Racquet and Fitness Club in Akron on Friday. The tournament starts around 9 am.

Double. It’s about working together, working on each other’s strengths and balancing your weaknesses.

Older Polish players Caitie Palusak and junior Julia Eich plan just this as they play in the Girls’ Zone Tennis Tournament Friday morning at Springside Racquet and Fitness Club in Akron.

Palosak said Esch delivered strong serves and impressive shots from baseline.

“We are doing very well together because we act positively, even when we are playing against another team,” Balusack said. “We also have different strengths to add to the field, which means we can help each other out when opponent A is not playing.

Ish said Palossack was really good at playing curling and hitting corners with her air ball. Palusak’s positive attitude helps when the team is left behind.

“We work really well together because we help each other,” Esch said. “We always maintain a positive attitude and play point by point.”

The Polish No. 2 duo will face third seed Perry Nikki Rosati and Anna Fletcher in the first round on Friday.

Ish said that she and Balusack don’t necessarily have to be better than their opponents, but they should play smarter than they are.

“The best thing about getting into neighborhoods is that I can still play in teams that challenge us,” said Ish. “If we play against these teams, we will become better tennis players.”

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Palusak couldn’t think of a better way to end her first season with the Bulldogs.

“The best thing about coming to the provinces this year is that I’m old for the first time and I can finish the season with Julia Esch,” Palusak said.

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