The trends of the past weeks are getting stronger. “The European Union has the worst result in poll history, just like Armin Laschet – the CDU’s candidate for chancellor” – comments Die Welt in the results of a poll conducted three weeks before the elections scheduled for September 26.

The advantage of the Social Democrats and their candidate for chancellor Olaf Schulz is certainly increasing, and for the first time since February 2017, the SPD has returned to the top in the polls. Compared to the previous month, SPD rose 7 points, reaching a score of 25%. CDU/CSU won only 20 percent. (Loss up to 7 pages) – This is their worst result in the history of polls. The Greens are losing 3 points and currently have 16 percent. authentication. When it comes to parties outside the top three, the FDP score increases by 1 point (13%). The far-right AfD by 12 percent improved the score by 2 p. Left (D-Link) keep score 6%.

When it comes to support for the party that should lead the next federal government, 35 percent. Of respondents (+5 pages) support the SPD, only 24 percent. (-6 am) for the Federation, and 13 percent. (-2 am) behind the greens.

The Union candidate for chancellor, Armin Laschet (CDU), is trailing his rivals – Olaf Scholz (SPD) and Annalina Barbuk (Green Party). Scholz is also critical when respondents answer questions about who they consider the most well-known and qualified candidate for the position. Scholz’s results have increased significantly compared to the previous survey in May of this year

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In the rating of satisfaction with politicians, Schulz (Vice-Chancellor and Federal Minister of Finance) got 56 percent, behind Chancellor Angela Merkel (64 percent). Marcus Soeder, president of CSU, came in third (54%). Annalina Barbock won with 25 percent. voices. Fewer and fewer Germans are satisfied with Armin Laschet’s policy – the CDU leader received only 20 percent. authentication.