Everything indicates that old titles from the library of games offered as part of a Nintendo Switch Online subscription will soon be added to games from Game Boy i Game Boy Color.

Eurogamer and Nintendo Life, referring to their informants, claim that games released in the glory years of the Game Boy and Game Boy Color will soon begin appearing on a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Eurogamer claims that this is some information, Confirmed by a verified source cooperating with the editorial office.

Currently, Nintendo Switch Online’s retro production library contains about 80 NES games and about 50 SNES items. It’s September The third anniversary of the launch of the Nintendo Switch Online service, So it would be a good time to announce that more platforms (Game Boy and Game Boy Color) will be added to the older titles on offer. Now it remains to wait for the official confirmation of this information. Nintendo usually introduces a new “throw up” of Nintendo Switch Online games in the middle of the month. In July, the company added 3 SNES games But they did not arouse the enthusiasm of the masses.

What Game Boy titles would you like to play on Switch?

Interestingly enough – more than 20 years after its premiere, Game Boy Color continues It receives packaged game versions.

Source: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-09-03-game-boy-and-game-boy-color-titles-headed-to-nintendo-switch-online#comments