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As the Covid-19 pandemic spreads across the country, officials and citizens are tired of Donald Trump and his Republican allies. Undermine the elections.

In three major states that have turned in favor of the Democrats, the fight over election results continued amid lawsuits and misinformation. Like Republicans Trying to win any final vote – despite the fact that they lost by an overwhelming majority – some have clearly lost their patience.

The stigma of Trump

In Wayne County, Michigan, Local Republican officials initially refused to confirm election results in Detroit, the majority black city that largely favored Joe Biden. The response to these officials was fierce.

“The stigma of Trump, the stain of racism you have covered yourself with, William Hartman and Monica Palmer, will haunt you throughout history,” said Ned Staibler, a county company owner.

In Georgia, where the state conducted a manual recount due to the close race, Secretary of State Brad Ravensberger said other Republicans such as Lindsay Graham of South Carolina and Georgia Senate candidate Doug Collins were pressuring him to give up the legal ballot papers. .

“I’m an engineer. We look at the numbers. We are looking at the hard data,” said Ravensberger. “I can’t help that a failed candidate like Collins is running around lying to everyone. He’s a liar.”

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign is pumping $ 3 million into a partial vote recount in two parts Wisconsin The provinces. The president claims his observers were not stationed near the vote count to spot errors. Local officials disagreed.

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“No, no, that’s not the reason they chose,” the Milwaukee family Mayor Tom Barrett said of counties selected for the recount. They were chosen because they are the two provinces with a very high proportion of Democratic voters. This is 100% the reason for choosing them. “

Meanwhile, Trump continued to expel anyone standing against him.

Say goodbye to Chris Krebs

Tuesday night, President Chris Krebs, the Head of Cybersecurity at the Department of Homeland Security, who is responsible for securing the elections, sacked. on Monday, Krebs had said the election was not jeopardized by voter fraudTrump also accused.

Chris Krebs # Protect2020

ICYMI: Regarding allegations that the election systems have been tampered with, 59 electoral security experts all agree, “In every case we know of, these allegations were either unconfirmed or technically inconsistent.” # Protection 2020

November 17, 2020

Another DHS cybersecurity official, Brian Ware, has also resigned from the department.

But there is a reason to give thanks

As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s vital to think about The power of the indigenous electorate One of the last groups in the United States to get the right to vote. This year, they played a major role in Biden’s win in states like Arizona and Wisconsin. For example, the margin in Arizona between Biden and Trump was 10,377 as of Monday. There were 67,000 eligible voters for Navajo Nation, which strongly supported Biden.

Turnout was also high despite the significant hurdles many Native Americans face when it comes to casting votes in rural conservation lands.

I’ll leave you with these gems: Full video of Ned Stapler’s comment Wayne County officials.

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Watch, please Embed a Tweet – Wayne County Board Member for Canvassers’ Things in Locker Embed a Tweet And the Embed a Tweet The two members who refused to approve the boycott ballot papers …

November 18, 2020