TThe attorney presiding over the hearing said his trial over the 2015 Charlie Hebdo attack was postponed for at least a week after two others tested positive for coronavirus.

Fourteen people are being tried for aiding the killers of 12 victims in the attack on the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, a police officer a day later, and four hostages in a Jewish supermarket.

After the prime suspect, Alireza Bulat, received a diagnosis of Covid-19 over the weekend, the judge presiding over the hearing ordered that all those under trial be examined.

In an email sent on Sunday to the attorneys involved in the case, Regis de Guerna said in light of the health protocols in place that require isolating both positive and contact cases, she will not be able to resume the hearing this week.

The trial was already suspended until Wednesday after Polat’s positive diagnosis, with Mr de Guurna telling attorneys that the court would not sit again until all results were presented.

Then two other defendants were tested positive, with the other two remaining under surveillance despite negative results because they are believed to be “contact cases”, according to Mr. de Guerna’s email.

The results of the other accused, held in Fleury-Miroges, are due to be released on Monday.

The prolonged suspension of the hearing will delay the conclusion of the trial that began on September 2.