Wales First Minister Mark Druckford will hold a press conference for the Welsh government on Monday after a meeting of the Welsh Cabinet to discuss the new national measures for Wales.

He is expected to reveal details of the national measures to tackle Covid-19 that will be introduced in Wales after the fire lockdown ends on Monday, November 9. However, he will warn that measures will only work if people act responsibly.

It comes as England will impose a month-long national lockdown from Thursday this week. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will later tell MPs that twice as many people are dying this winter from Covid-19 compared to the first wave of the pandemic.

He is expected to say: “Models from our scientists indicate that unless we act now, we can see double or more deaths during the winter compared to the first wave.”

“In the face of these recent numbers, there is no alternative but to take more measures at the national level.”

England will enter a four-week lockdown from Thursday 5 November through Wednesday 2 December. Everything except for essential stores, schools and universities will be closed during this period. The leave scheme will be extended.

At today’s Welsh press conference, Mr. Druckford is expected to say: “We need to do everything we can to reduce our exposure to the virus by reducing the contacts we have with others – at home, at work and when we go out.

“We need to do the bare minimum – not the maximum, the rules allow.”

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The new lockdown will apply only to England, while Wales prepares to implement a raft of national measures when its lockdown ends on 9 November.