In a video shared by German European Parliament member Sergei Lagudinsky, you can see Michel and Erdogan sitting in two gilded chairs. Von der Leyen, who had never had such a chair, was so terrified, and on one occasion she said “ehm?”

Von der Leyen and Michel met Erdogan. There was no chair for the president of the European Commission

Later, the president of the European Commission sat on the sofa – but it certainly wasn’t the most exposed place in the Turkish government. President. The Turkish head sat in front of her MSZ Mevlut Cavusoglu, who ranks lower in a typical diplomatic protocol.

Before that, the three leaders posed for pictures together – then they were standing next to each other.

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Why does the European Union tolerate Erdogan?

“ERM is a new definition of how relations between the European Union and Turkey should not look like,” – said Lagudinsky.

Stefan Leverett, Brussels correspondent for ZDF TV, noted that when two EU politicians sat down to speak with Erdogan, the number of chairs was always the same.

“No, it was not a coincidence. It was intentional. Why did Charles Michel remain silent?” – I asked Sophie in ‘t Veld, a member of the European Parliament from the Netherlands.

After meeting with Erdoan von der Leyen, she wrote on social media that she “is deeply concerned about it RealityFrom which Turkey withdrew Istanbul ConventionShe also stressed that the European Union and Turkey seek a “fair partnership”, even though it is for its own sake right Now Start of the road. The president of the European Commission did not mention the incident Political Gate It was called “Sofagate”.

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