The Hungarians and Italians are in a state of coercion, while we work within our group of European conservatives and reformists; Of course, we’re delighted to invite Fidesz to ECR – that’s how LJ’s Ryszard Legutko spoke Thursday about the Law and Justice Party talks with Fidesz and the Italian League.

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In Budapest, Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki, the Prime Minister of Hungary and Fidesz leader Viktor Orban and the leader of the Italian League, former Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, will meet on Thursday – and they will talk about the future of the right in Europe. Parliament.

According to media speculation, the talks may lead to the formation of a new faction in the European Parliament. The idea has been criticized by the opposition, including the “Civic Tribune”, whose representatives are part of the European People’s Party (EPP), which Hungarian Fides has left in recent weeks.

The different status of the three parties

The law and justice deputy affirmed Thursday in TVP Info that regardless of the arrangements made on Thursday, the calculation in the European Parliament will be as determined by the election result, and by the next elections – according to Ligotka – “there will be nothing new. Is born.”

He stressed that the three leaders – Moravique, Orban and Salvini, and their parties, have a different position and status.

The exit point is the same, that is, the creation of a conservative alternative, but the starting point is different. We are in a political group (European Conservatives and Refomats) that has been in business for many years and is well established. As for Fidesz, they are nowhere in a political vacuum after leaving the European People’s Party, while Salvini is in another political group.

Legutko said.

Hungarians and Italians “under some duress”

According to the European Socialist Law Party, the Italian League is “trapped” in its political group and forbidden to operate within the “Identity and Democracy” faction.

Both Hungarians and Italians are in a state of duress. On the other hand, we operate within our group, where we have a large group of allies, we have the Brothers of Italy – a party that is growing stronger and has a similar popularity as the Salvini party, whose popularity is declining.

Legutko said.

Of course, we are delighted to invite Fidesz to join ECR, this will make us stronger. As for Salvini, he is, although the decision depends on our Italian allies. I think they will likely agree to that as well, but it does not change the political calculation in the European Parliament

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