We’ve been waiting for months for all the details about Dying Light 2. Last month, Techland released a video that confirmed this Developers just need more time to start a specific marketing campaign There are several indications that we are approaching the peak moment.

Representatives of the Wrocław studio gave an interview to the Wccftech editorial office, during which several important news was confirmed. The developers explained that one of the reasons for the game’s long development was the move to a new engine – the team needed time to get familiar with the technology.

The world of Dying Light 2 would be huge though – The team confirmed a site four times larger than Dying Light:

“C-Engine is great at handling open worlds at large. Thanks to World Streaming technology, it doesn’t limit the size of the map. Tools like CityBuilder allow us to quickly cover huge areas with a realistic urban environment that can be efficiently rendered in-game.

What actually limits the size of the map is the time it takes to fill the city with unique player challenges, unforgettable stories, and interesting exploration opportunities. There was no volume reduction due to technical reasons. Estimating that the map size in Dying Light 2 is four times the size of the original game is the most accurate score we can provide. The map in Dying Light 2 is more vertical and has a lot to explore, so the city feels bigger than it is.

In the world of Dying Light 2 itself, we can find many dynamic events – in this regard, Polish developers compare the site to Red Dead Redemption 2, where players encounter many interesting events. Tymon Smektaa (Principal Game Designer) pointed this out What distinguishes Techland from other open world games:

“We respect other developers who are working on the open world games and the games they’ve made – each of them brings something new, some unique twists or mechanisms. For me, the most important aspect of Dying Light as the series is how our world is really vertical and open. Sure, there are some games out there. The wonderful open world that offers players the same freedom, but our game is unique because we see everything from a first-person perspective, which really raises the level of immersion.In Dying Light 2 we introduce an additional element – the ability to change the open world, the playing space, through your own choices. While making different decisions, you introduce different gameplay in the game – for example blasting trap cars or other crazy gadgets. This is how the world around you really is shaped, and it really feels good. “

Moreover, Techland has also announced this Don’t give up on the previous generation and have long ago begun testing to ensure the expected quality of the game for gamers:

Keyboards have always been a priority for us. We try our best to ensure that the game quality on the PS4 or Xbox One is of the highest standard. We started testing on older generation consoles much earlier than other projects. This was due to the scale of the engine changes and the ambitious plans to create a game larger and more complex than DL1 ”.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X owners will be able to S from choosing one of the modes – The team will provide, among other things, ray tracing support:

“Yes. We plan to let the user choose: quality (including ray tracing), performance (60+ fps) and 4K. Because we are working hard on performance, I can’t provide more detail at this point. We’re trying to cram as much as possible. On the following genes. “

Players can expect at least 20 hours of history, but these will only be the start of the attractions and world learning:

“If you hurry, you should be able to finish the story in about 20 hours. But to see everything, you have to spend 2-3 times more. The initial stage itself can take over 7-8 hours if you want to explore every nook and cranny.” So there’s a lot to play here. “

Also check it out Compare recent graphicsWhich illustrates the work Techland has done.