Students of the Konstfack Art School in Stockholm demanded that the White Sea Exhibition Hall be renamed. In their view, it provokes racist associations and mainly serves white youth.

The name of the White Sea is “racist” ?! Students are demanding change

Current and former students of the Brown Island art group demanded university authorities to shorten the name White Sea to its first element – the sea. The group adopted this name in protest of the dominance of well-to-do white fellows.

We felt like a brown island in a sea of ​​white students. The room’s name only enhanced the experience

– The applicants argue for the transfer of the “Daggins Nehter” newspaper.

Commemorative plaque

Brown Island Collective suggests that the name change be formally and celebrated with a board.

University President Maria Lantz formed a working group to combat structural racism and the room’s renaming was included in the discussion.

The proposal was criticized by the professor. Sarah Kristofferson and critic of Daggins Nehter. She believes that the White Sea has nothing to do with racism or oppression, and is a historical name created by chance. In the 1950s, the name White Sea was a white-walled room, adapted for a gallery, in a former school building in central Stockholm. The name survived when the university moved its current headquarters in the Telefonplan area to the former Ericsson Factory Building.

And the Red Sea in the Old Testament

The hideous information from Sweden has aroused entertainment among Polish Twitter fans.

The geographical name may have changed as well, but what about the Black Sea?

Monty Python will starve tonight. It gets harder to tell what a silly joke is than what is real

And the Red Sea in the Old Testament. The Bible should be rewritten

Please note that the name Black Sea is already taken. As a co-owner of a several hundred kilometers long coastline, I will not give up that name! No way!

The names “Red Sea” and “Black Sea” are politically correct, but the name “White Sea” is racist. What is not understandable?

Following the example of students at an art school in Stockholm demanding that the exhibition hall name be changed, White Sea (in their view it is racist), the following will soon be questioned: – a white Porsche – a white deer – a white fang (that London) – a white eagle – a white miner