From February 8, 2021. In all kindergarten groups of the Elementary School and Music Complex in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie, children have realized topics related to conducting different experiments.

Among the activities that preschoolers enthusiastically started, there was, among other things, flower coloring, rainbow candy, separation of pepper from salt with a ruler and balloon, a lava lamp, a volcano, wandering water, a vanishing flame. During the lessons, the children also examined the things that had sunk in the water and those that were floating on it.

To awaken creativity at work and curiosity towards the surrounding world, teachers of kindergarten groups also suggested that children recognize fruit through their sense of taste and smell.

The little ones participated actively in the experiments and had a lot of fun. They broaden their knowledge, develop imagination, perception, and focus of attention. The experiences that they performed enabled them to learn through play.

Preschool children’s experiences (Lidzba photos in the gallery: 4)

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