A strong storm is now passing over the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The powerful Hurricane boosted firepower from the last Toby of the 5th Category. Thus, it was recorded in history as one of the strongest hurricanes in the region. There have been no such strong winds in 20 years.

Hurricane struck New Caledonia fires

A strong storm has excellent conditions in the area to persist and even strengthen. In the north and northeastern region of Australia, severe tropical storm conditions are currently excellent. In close proximity to Papua New Guinea, even Vanuatu, the surface temperature of the water reaches 31 degrees Celsius. With such a hot ocean, the tornado has an excellent medium for further development. 29 degrees is the area of ​​ u200b u200bthe ocean on the line of Queensland and New Caledonia. It is also ideal for hurricanes and tropical storms.

Stream temperature Oceans are two degrees above the permanent average for the first days of March in the region. Because there is a low vertical wind shear in the region, there are ideal conditions for the formation of intense tropical storms. The devastating hurricane is now moving to the southeast. On the last day, he hit New Caledonia in full force. To be sure, wind damage in the region is enormous. The speed of the storm reached 300 km / h when hitting the ground. It is a wind that destroys everything in its path. The first records of the devastating Hurricane Niran while affecting New Caledonia appeared on the Internet. Due to the strong winds, the damage to the island is immense.

In the below map of the system windy.com You can see that the devastating tornado is slowly leaving the ground and continuing to the southeast. We will closely monitor reports from the area, as the strength of a hurricane could have dire consequences. We keep our fingers crossed that the passage of a strong tornado will only end with physical damage.

Tropical storms and hurricanes in the Pacific

Niran is not the only tropical storm in the region

As fire hits New Caledonia, another severe tropical storm forms west of Australia. The tropical storm was initially named Habana, and the storm at its center is already reaching 140 mph (225 km / h). It is a storm with characteristics similar to the fire of a few days ago. Everything indicates that this storm will also turn into a powerful hurricane with wind speeds of 300 km / h.