The 23-year-old contestant jumped nearly 8.35 meters in the first round. Later on, none of his jumps were valid anymore, but it didn’t matter as competitors got close. The Greek result is the best this season. His success was not surprising – he won already in 2019 in Glasgow, and in 2018 at the open stadium in Berlin. He also has good memories from the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, because in 2016 in Bydgoszt he became the junior world champion.

During the HME race in Toruń, the silver went to Swedish Thobias Montler, who reached the 8-meter mark at least four times, and in his best jump scored 8.31 m. The third was Finn Kristian Pulli, who only beat Ukrainian Władysław Mazur in the last round by a distance of 8.24m, breaking the country record.

The Poles didn’t even start the Qualifiers.

HME. Long jump

1. Miltiadis Tendoglu (Greece) 8.35 AD

2. Thobias Montler (Sweden) 8.31 AD

3. Christian Poli (Finland) 8.24 AD

4. Wadysław Mazur (Ukraine) 8.14 AD

5. Maximilian Entholzner (Germany) 7.87 AD

6- Lazar Anic (Serbia) 7.81 m

7. Jacob Fincham-Dukes (Great Britain) 7.79 CE

8. Gabriel Petan (Romania) 7.72 A.D.