“He always had to walk this way, to wipe himself, and run his hand over his back or stomach. Once in the evening he came into the studio. Like some CD. The CD cabinet was behind the show host. I remember that stupid smile to this day. Just a lady.” An old man was on duty on the ground floor. I was running the program. My headphones were on. After turning off the microphone, at some point I felt a hand on my shoulder, it wasn’t just a touch, “- says the journalist.

“We had an anti-panic button on the console, and activating it required a security company. I told him without turning around: Get out of here or I’ll press it right away. He left. I was under 19,” the reporter continues.

the father. Andrzej Dymer died. Terlikowski: That doesn’t mean the end of it

Those who have known me for years, knew me in the 1990s, knew that at that time I said that after graduating from high school I would go to the theological school in Szczecin. I went to technical school. The school lasted 5 years. I was before high school. That’s one of the things that kept me off this path – the journalist reveals it on Twitter.

The MFF radio reporter does not hide his sorrow for the church leaders. “The death of Reverend Demer does not end the matter. There are still those who were deaf. Archbishop Dzig is alive, who, aware of the matter, promoted him, Senior Bishop Kruszowicz” – he explains.

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