This work was on the mural “I wake up” July 2017 / Maczu Photo (Archive)

At the beginning of February, the academic cultural space was built in the mujahideen. Queen Gedwiga. One of the walls is decorated with the “Wake Up” mural, co-created by Bartik Bojanowski, an artist from Bydgoszcz.

The mural was created in 2017 as part of the “Bite-Art” Festival. The authors – another artist for the painting, Bartek wiątecki), chose the site themselves, and the University of Economics agreed to cooperate.

– We tried to ensure that the mural was followed by a specific message, so that it was not just another abstract idea, but something that could be read by the majority of regular recipients, who, for example, would be stuck in traffic – they might look and maybe even think about it for a moment – Bartek Bojanowski said in an interview with us.

Fallen wall. One of my favorite murals in my hometown – books on Facebook after demolition.

Photo: Macz, Archive

Remember the conversation about the “wake up” wall and the art of painting murals here:

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Demolitions in the Mujahideen. Królowej Jadwigi is an introduction to the campus expansion of the University of Economics. The academic cultural space – currently creative – and the Museum of Photography have been relocated to the building on ul. Karpacka 52. Apart from new campus spaces, residential buildings will be built on the Brda River in front of Budlex.

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