Sports morning couldn’t have started better for the Polish fans. Maryna Gąsienica-Daniel finished fourth, considering all elimination times in the parallel Giant Slalom, and in some style advanced to the 1/8 Finals. Wendy Holdner won the qualifying round.

Photo: Alicja Kosman / PZN

The Polish woman competed in the seventh husband, alongside French Choral Firas Sumbet. She defeated her opponent, drove along the blue road, by 14 milliseconds. She herself scored exactly 33 seconds, and the winner, Holdner, was just over 3-tenths. The Slovenes were also at the forefront of the qualifiers, with the second Mita Hruvat (32.78) and the third Tina Rubnik (32.95).

Petra Velova did not finish the qualifiers, so we will not see a candidate in the top 16. The art of merchandising was also unsuccessful, among other things, the giant hero Lara Gott Bahrami.

The consequences of excluding women

In the 1/8 Finals, the Pole will be marked with No. 5, and you will face Swedish Estelle Alphand. A potential opponent in the quarter-finals is a player from Linsberger (Austria) versus Tilly (Great Britain).

The final ladder

Swiss Millard won the men’s qualifying round, who was the only one to break the 32-second barrier in his career. The leaders were also Germany, Stefan Lutiz, Alexander Schmid, Austrian Fabio Gchterin and Slovan Zan Kranjek. The Blue Route took a very heavy toll – no eleven competitors who started there made it to the finish line.

Male elimination results

The final ladder

A detailed program of the 2021 Cortina d’Ampezzo World Cup can be found here.

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