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Jaurzno. The cat “broke into” the police car. The police showed a beautiful video

According to the portal AlSudaniNewsShortly after the Boeing 737 passenger took off, an aggressive cat entered the captain’s cockpit and attacked the pilot. It is unclear exactly how the animal ended up on the ship. It is suspected that he must have slipped into the plane while cleaning the device overnight in the hangar.

The crew at first tried to restrain the animal, but it was impossible to calm it down. His aggressive behavior threatened the safety of the flight and forced the pilot to decide to return to it Sudanese Airport.

Kotka on the plane from Lublin to Warsaw. She flew alone

A cat guest on board? This is not the first time

It is not the first OnceWhen a fur bothered the cabin crew. In 2004, the Belgian Plane The passenger with 62 people on board was forced back to Brussels airport under similar circumstances – the animal was supposed to escape from its suitcase and break into the crew cabin, then scratch the co-pilot while serving the meal.

A similar case occurred in 2012 on a Canadian aircraft. According to local regulations, some animals are permitted to travel on the plane. However, the outrageous cat managed to get out of its holder and it caused confusion on the surface of the machine.

The cat was lost on a flight from Oslo to WarsawThey took the cat by plane from Oslo to Warsaw, and now they are looking for it

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In 2013, a Saudi Arabian flight from Riyadh to Hong Kong was canceled at the last minute after being scared Like The aircraft’s engine accidentally started and scratched the pilot.