We expect good results from our representatives. Will there be a medal win? It might be difficult. It’s a little different Staff More than two or four years ago. The Netherlands and Great Britain will be essentially very powerful. With these countries we will fight for medals – Twice Olympic champion shot put to PAP.

He and all Queen of the Sports fans sharpen their teeth for Toru’s pole vault. Among those who entered there is the current and former world record holder – the Swedish Armand Duplantes And the French Renault Lavellini.

Favorites from England, Holland and Poland

Of course, it would be nice if everyone jumped over six meters in this competition. First of all, the Piotrek Lisek can do that as well. Second, he has always proven himself in close combat in the most important competitions. I’m not going to look at this year’s ranking, because in my opinion, he’s the record holder polishing He is one of the main candidates for medals. What is the level of this competition? Really great – Majewski Rating.

However, the 2009 European indoor champion cautioned Turin against jumping to conclusions after starting in HME in the context of the Olympics.

We have a generation that is talented at running. It is getting stronger at the European level the acting In this regard. This, however, does not translate to the Olympics at all. The level of the sporting queen in Europe and the world are two different stories. So, when watching the European Championships, let’s not look at places as often as in the score. It will tell us something about the whereabouts of our employees on the eve of Tokyo. It should also be remembered that on the field we get the hammer and disc, that is, contests of awarding the medal to the Poles Majewski noted.

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Steroids or training?

According to the PZLA Vice President, it is not the case that, in an era of pandemic, there is a significant increase in doping incidents.

I want to believe that in many competitions the level has increased due to the possibility of training. In previous years, the calendar was burdened, and players chased after titles and money. Now a lot has been trained and this effect is visible especially in intermediate courses. Sure, some of the results might be surprising, but until you hold someone’s hand and there is a great deal of control, you can’t point your fingers at them. Majewski said

He is among the new athletics stars Fimk Paul, Who will be the favorite in the 400 meters in Toruń.

Only on the field, in my opinion, we will see what this wonderful talent is Added former shot racket.

In his competition for the championship title from Glasgow, Haratic will defend.

In my opinion, it is in very good condition and should reach gold again. The main competitor will be the Czech Tomas Stanek. I would love for Konrad Bukovetsky to wake up, but let’s take a look at those who really got away this year Majewski analyzed the balance of power in the shot put.

Also Swoboda is in the 60m sprint in the vice president’s view play She is one of the best contenders for the Glasgow title.

HME in Toruń It starts on Thursday afternoon and ends on Sunday.

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