ses, but it depends on which part of UK you live.

Government advice is reading: “If you live in an area with local restrictions, you can vacation outside that area but you should only socialize inside with your family members or the support bubble.”

They add, “You can only stay in a private home – which includes self-catering accommodations such as vacation homes, apartments, or boats – with your family members or the support bubble.”

Regarding hotels, the government advises the following: “You may stay in a hotel or similar accommodation (for example, a hostel or bed and breakfast) with another family but you should avoid sharing rooms with people with whom you do not live or have contact with them at home, for example. In each other’s rooms, in reception areas, or in restaurants and bars. “

The government advises against sharing a caravan with another family, and they say you shouldn’t share private vehicles to travel to your vacation destination.

However, the vacationers are in Wells They are notified that they cannot go on vacation if their area is in a local lockdown. Cardiff Board advice reads: “We know this will be disappointing, but traveling outside the Cardiff Board area for vacation is not one of the reasons allowed under the regulations. Regulations are in place to protect you and your loved ones from Coronavirus and to prevent the virus from spreading to other areas in Wales, the United Kingdom and other countries. “.

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