Former rancher Dexter Kruger is Australia’s oldest resident. She is over 111 years old. He reveals what he eats to live as long as he does. There are chicken brains on his list.

As he explained in an interview with ABC Portal, this delicious poultry food helped extend its life. Chicken brains. Chickens have heads and brains. “It’s delicious, and it only takes one bite,” added Kruger.

The Associated Press reports that a 74-year-old senior son believes his father’s longevity also contributed to his good health and longevity.

Melanie Calvert, director of the nursing home where Dexter Krueger currently resides, said the man was perhaps the brightest resident of the facility. And she stressed that “his memory is wonderful for a man at the age of 111 years.”

Kruger, 111 years and four months old, is currently the oldest person to live in Australia. He is about to break the record for the tallest person in the nation’s history, Christina Cook, who died in 2002 at the age of 114 years and 148 days.

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