Hybrid learning in grades 4-8 of primary and secondary schools. Some students returned to school on May 17, 2021. What was waiting for them inside the school walls? This is how it is today in the private elementary school on Bełchatów

Hybrid Science, 05/17/2021. This was the case at Non-State Primary School No. 1 in Bełchatów

Tests and tests or rather a nice return to school? It all depends on the vision of the school administration and the teachers. In Bełchatów this has been planned in various ways. First, we had to face the challenge of scheduling in a hybrid system. Schools have used different methods here

We are a small school, so there wasn’t a big problem with the plan, but we spent long hours on it anyway – says Iowa Stanislavska, principal of the Private Elementary School in Pechato.

As of Monday, May 17, students of grades seven and four return to school for three days, and then two days of distance learning await them, during which grades five and six learn at the school.

NSP chose a gentle return to school. Today, students who return to the facility as part of blended learning spend a day with the teacher. Regular lessons are held in Grades 1-3 who have returned to school earlier.

We wanted this day to be so loose that there was time for conversations, fun together, fun with each other, going out for ice cream, which is all we’ve lost lately – says Iowa Stanislavska. – These two weeks are of course the conclusion of educational issues, and there will be tests and competitions, but they will not count distance learning, but current learning.

Younger class students are especially happy to be back in school, and in the case of older children, it is sometimes linked to fear of what awaits them within the school walls.

– You can see the joy, but unfortunately not all of them – says NSP Director. It seems to me that in the case of some of the older children who stood a little aside, this loneliness has increased even more. Especially if students do not have much contact with their peers during distance learning. We’ll want to work on this.


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