On Saturday, Micha Dworczyk spoke on TVP Info about the participation of Polish doctors who tested drivers in England.

Within six hours of Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki’s decision, a plane with sixteen survey teams, with more than 30 people on board, took off, which more than twelve hours later emptied the biggest congestion in Dover.

People’s gratitude

Head of the Prime Minister’s Office: vaccination of the so-called first group

He also stated that he spoke to doctors and paramedics who conducted the tests.

– An unusual surprise for drivers not only Poles, but also Bulgarians, Spaniards, Italians, Latvians and Lithuanians. They were surprised that Polish doctors suddenly helped them out of such a very difficult situation they had been stuck in for days – he said.

00:23 doctor help. mp3 Michel Durczyk talks about surprise drivers with the help of Polish doctors (IAR)

He added that thanks and warm words were extended to the doctors.

Of course, we have already thanked these wonderful people. He said the prime minister would definitely send thanks in person.

Poles in Need

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Head of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery: 300,000 jobs will be handed over to Poland this year cutting COVID-19 vaccines

– This pledge proved – in my opinion – two things: first – it was another proof that the medical staff could do it with dedication, because it was Christmas Eve, and it all lasted a few hours until departure, so with great dedication to service for others, and second: Also a testament to the competence of the Polish state – we simply do not want to leave any Polish citizen unaided, regardless of where he is in Europe or in the world, said the head of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery.

00:24 Proof. mp3 Micha Dworczyk on Effective Operation and Dedication to Polish Services (IAR)

British Transport Minister Grant Shaps said Friday night that more than 4,500 trucks have been brought into France since it reopened its borders on Wednesday. He also reported that so far, more than 10 thousand. Tests, of which only 24 people have confirmed the coronavirus. The Poles make up the largest group waiting to leave.

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“We were checking truck after truck.” Dr. Zaczyński at the test driver in Dover

Congestion when crossing the English Channel is a result of France’s decision on Sunday, which, due to the new form of the spread of the Coronavirus in England, closed the borders to those coming from Great Britain for a period of 48 hours, and this applies not only to passenger movement, but also to the transport of goods. The border was opened on Wednesday, but only for people who tested positive for the coronavirus.

Multiple point tests

On Friday evening, a group of Polish soldiers, including members of the Regional Defense Forces, began testing the Coronavirus on truck drivers waiting to leave the UK for France.

20 soldiers from the 12th Regional Defense Brigade at Wilkopolska and dozens or so soldiers from the General Command of the Armed Forces traveled to Great Britain. The Poles support British doctors and soldiers at two of the three test sites – at the entrance to the harbor in Dover and on the M20 motorway leading to this city.

Earlier, on Thursday night to Friday in Dover, drivers were tested by 36 doctors, diagnostics, nurses and paramedics from the Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, Polish Medical Rescue, WOPR and other services. They conducted 1,260 tests.

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