The short pre-holiday session brought slight increases in the major US indices. A trade deal between the European Union and the United Kingdom resulted in a profit taking from the pound, but the British currency continued to trade at its highest level in 2.5 years against the dollar.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average increased 0.2 percent. At 30,199.87 points, the S&P 500 rose 0.4 percent. Reaching 3,703.08 points, the Nasdaq Composite grew 0.3 percent. Up to 12,804.72 points

The technology sector was the leader in growth, and the energy industry was the worst performing.

The Christmas Eve session was shorter – it ended at 13 local time, 3 hours before a regular day.

About 13 percent, Alibaba shares are down after Chinese authorities launched antitrust measures against the internet trading giant.

Investors paid little attention to the threats of President Donald Trump, who passed a $ 900 billion stimulus package. He described it as a “disgrace,” because it offers the Americans a direct payment of $ 600, while according to the president who left in January, it should be $ 2,000. Dollars.

“Markets do not care much about Trump’s threats because a formal veto is unlikely. The stimulus package, linked to the public finance bill, passed the House and Senate with a majority that secured veto power. Even if Trump succeeds in blocking this legislation, he will say no. Biden will be president in In just 27 days he will sign it, ”Adam Crisafoli of Vital Knowledge wrote in a note to investors.

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The session in the GBP / USD market was interesting. After the announcement of the European Union and the United Kingdom entering into an agreement regulating economic relations after the post-Brexit transition period, the pound’s appreciation gave up some of its gains. However, in the evening, the GBP / USD exchange rate was at 1.355, around 0.5%. Higher than the day before. The British Pound is still close to its 2.5-year high against the dollar, when it broke 1.36.

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