Indoor and outdoor masks must be worn in both parts of Cyprus and Turkey. The authorities of the Republic of Cyprus assessed this crime at the equivalent of 1,350 PLN. In the Turkish part of the island, the penalty is less – about 130 PLN. In Turkey alone, we will even pay about 390 PLN for no mask.

In Portugal, masks are also required in both indoor and outdoor public spaces. The fine is 50-100 euros, ie 225-450 PLN. In Bulgaria, the fine is about 690 PLN, and in Greece – 1,350 PLN (300 euros). Croatia estimates this crime at about 300 PLN.

For Spain, without a mask, a fine of 100 euros (450 PLN), Italy – 400 euros (1,800 PLN).

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In the Czech Republic, it is mandatory to wear face masks FFP2 or higher, so regular surgical masks cannot be worn. Adequate protection applies to means of communication, bus stops and all enclosed spaces. The police or other services may impose fines of up to 10,000. Crowns (PLN 1760).

In Slovakia, the wearing of masks is also mandatory on transport and at bus stops. Other cases are organized at the local level. Currently, there is no obligation in most counties to wear masks outside buildings, but they are needed in stores and some service points.


In Hungary, masks must be worn indoors where there are vaccinated and unvaccinated people at the same time, such as in shops and on public transport. This obligation – excluding healthcare institutions – will be lifted after the threshold of 5.5 million people who have been vaccinated is reached, which may happen in the coming days. Those who do not comply with these guidelines may be fined up to 150,000 zlotys by the police. Forint (more than 1900 PLN).

Covering the nose and mouth is mandatory in France in confined public places such as shops, workplaces and schools (also applies to children over 6 years old). The absence of a mask usually follows a warning or a request to leave a particular place. The fine is 135 euros (608 PLN).


Face mask laws in Germany depend on the federal state, but are often required in public transport, stores or museums. In cities, face masks are usually worn on crowded streets. The amount of the fine for their absence also depends on the federal state and amounts to at least 50 euros (225 zlotys).

Across the UK, covering the nose and mouth is mandatory in tight public spaces such as shops, restaurants and public transport. In England, at least until July 19, police officers can impose a fine of £200 (about PLN 1,050), which doubles if the offense is repeated (the second £400, the third £800, etc.).