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Just six months ago, the party was only 59 percent behind Governor Mayor Franziska Givi.

From 59 percent to full support. You rub your eyes. They have the same delegates as their party leader Francesca Givi (44) They voted a meager 59 percent just half a year ago, and now 100 percent agree with the government’s course?

In fact. Because even the rebel spies know: In February, when the expected repeat elections will take place, power in the Red City Hall, the Senate, and Parliament is at stake. This welds together. “Differences like day and night,” BZ’s Giffey says of the dream outcome.

In the polls, it’s currently a neck race between the Greens, CDU, SPDThe socialists never advance. “We can have that again,” Jeeves yells to her comrades.

Jefe and her party leader Raed Saleh (left) with guest speaker Hubertus Hill (50, Minister of Social Affairs, p.) Photo: Karsten Cole / D

It launches direction Bettina Jarsh(53) Top Candidate and Transportation Senator, Says About…

… washing their scattered cat: “We don’t have dirty policies. Advice doesn’t help, that’s a mockery.”

…the balance sheet for their course track: “You look at the statistics and then maybe someone will finish. It should be clear who is behind the flower dreams and who is doing what they say.”

The SPD politician asserts that no one has rented the traffic shift, saying: “But I need one that works. We made a €29 ticket for Berlin.”

Despite the campaign, Red-Green-Red is still running. The night before the party conference, the faction leaders sat together until 2:30 AM. The result is the search for the supplementary budget. Another €400 million in additional expenditures brings a total of €3 billion to ease the energy crisis for Berliners.

what’s new?

75 million euros for Berliners who use oil, pellets and coal. It should be possible to apply for grants from the Investment Bank (IBB), details are still being clarified. Raed Saleh, leader of the Social Democratic Party (45 years old): “So far, the federal government has forgotten about 300,000 families in relief.”

13 million compensation for the rent freeze in the Student Union. An additional 300 million euros to build and renovate schools.

“Money that can’t be spent in a year will not expire anymore,” says education senator Astrid Sabine Posey (65, SPD).

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