The company that deals with the rehabilitation of green spaces has admitted that it caused a fire in Spain’s Attica. As a result of her fault, 14,000 hectares of forest were burned.

The fire broke out on Monday in the municipality of Attica in northeastern Spain. The fire spread very quickly and was not brought under control until Friday. The situation was so serious that the army had to participate in the firefighting operation in addition to the firefighters.

One spark lit the fire

On Friday, the Dutch company Land Life admitted it was responsible for setting the forest on fire. The company deals with the rehabilitation of green areas and afforestation. When the contractor she was hiring was doing forest renovation work, “a spark from the bulldozer lit a fire.”

The head of the Spanish branch of Land Life, Francisco Borroy, explained that the company not only immediately reported the fire to the fire department and offered its “full cooperation” in the fight against the fire, but also launched an investigation into the circumstances of the tragedy. . The company also announced a temporary suspension of business in fire-risk areas.

“The safety of local communities and those working to restore nature is a priority,” Borroy added.

Alerts remain active

Although the flames were now under control, the situation in the area was still difficult. As Javier Lampan, president of the Aragon region, explained to local media, all fire alerts remain active as the weather can change at any moment and it is best to work in the worst scenario imaginable.

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A fire in Attica forced the evacuation of residents of five neighboring municipalities. 1,700 people were not able to go home until Friday.

PAP, La Sexta, El Heraldo de Aragón

Main image source: Reuters