It’s still not comfortable in Rhineland-Palatinate: Friday started wet and cold. According to meteorologists, Saturday should bring softness and light snow.

By midday it was a gray Friday with rain and drizzle. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), precipitation throughout the day at high altitudes should fall mostly as snow and cause an ice hazard. Maximum temperatures range between one and five degrees. At high altitudes they are around the freezing point.

It will also remain overcast Saturday night. Light snow is expected in some areas, especially in the mountains. Temperatures there drop to three degrees below zero.

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It dries gradually on Saturday

According to DWD, the precipitation should decrease on Saturday morning, after which it will be mostly gray and dry. Maximum temperatures range between one and four degrees, in the higher regions at one degree below zero.

Sunday night will remain cloudy with some fog. With lows of less than three degrees, it can get smooth again in the mountains. It looks similar on Sunday: lots of clouds are gathering, but there is usually no rain or snow. At one to five degrees, temperatures are also in the range of the previous day’s values.

Weather in the SWR transition zone

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