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For a long time he was loved by the stylish Munich crowd. Now Alphonse Schuhbeck alone. His empire collapses – his usual restaurant closes.

Munich – Three years and two months in prison! who – which Verdict against Alphonse Shohbek Not just putting an end to years of mismanagement and tax deception. It also ensures that the star chef’s business partners are on the jump.

After Schuhbeck’s rule: The star chef’s empire falls apart

On the evening of the sentencing, the famous Reimer Theater announced that Schuhbeck name of the program with immediate effect to delete. Bayerischer Rundfunk no longer wants to record TV shows with him and no longer wants to broadcast programs that have already been recorded. Südtiroler Stuben, Schuhbeck’s main restaurant in Platzl, to be finished soon: “Something new is coming here,” an employee said Friday tz. It should already be ready for the new year.

It may be over soon: after the verdict against Alfons Schupbek, the Südtiroler Stuben will be closed. © IMAGO / Ulrich Wagner / Matthias Balk / dpa

Schuhbeck had already declared in court that things would tighten economically. pre-existing In June 2021, he had to file for bankruptcy. “I failed as an entrepreneur,” admitted the star chef, who once ran 12 companies. “He doesn’t have one anymore,” says one of those close to him. According to tz’s information, Schuhbeck is nothing but an employee of Schuhbeck’s Company GmbH, which was newly founded during bankruptcy. This means that all the income it generates goes to the bankruptcy estate. Schuhbeck was bailed out by unknown investors in 2021. However, he himself said in court: “The new company’s performance is poor.” Will the South Tyrol galleries therefore have to give way as well?

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Schuhbeck returns to work after sentencing

Schuhbeck actually had to borrow millions of dollars “in order to be able to keep my previous companies at all”. That epidemic failed. “I’ve had more and more stores over the years and completely lost track of it.”

Am Platzl in Munich Schuhbeck still owns a private apartment, but is no longer active there as a businessman. Which did not prevent him from going straight to work in the kitchen of Südtiroler Stuben after the prison sentence. However, Schuhbeck “was not available there” yesterday, a local employee said when asked.

Schuhbeck is currently consulting with his attorney about whether to appeal. The deadline is one week. If the chef accepts his sentence, he will soon be called to prison in Landsberg Prison.