From Saturday, works related to the reconstruction of the mujahideen. Street. Marcin and Al. Marcinkovsky. This is the next stage of the center’s program. In regards to the renewal, the regulation of traffic and tram routes in the city has changed.

The actions will be carried out in the Mujahideen. Street. Marcin among the Mujahideen. Ratajczak and. Marcinkowski and part of Al. Marcinkowskiego – from the mujahideen. Street. Marcin to Wolnoci Square. Construction work is scheduled to be completed in the third quarter of 2022.

“We create a space for everyone, where efficient public transportation, and pedestrian and bicycle transport play a major role. Thanks to the reconstruction on Marcin Street and Al. Marcinkowskiego, several dozen trees and low green spaces will appear, even in places where they were not previously present. To develop local trade and services, and the renewable space will attract Poznan residents and tourists, ”said Jasik Jaikoviak, Mayor of Poznan.

The investment is a continuation of the Centrum program, the aim of which is to regenerate a large part of Poznan’s city center. Two years ago, part of the Mujahideen rebuilt. Street. Marcin between Gwarna and Ratajczaka Streets.

“The main assumption is to improve the quality of public spaces in the city center and technical infrastructure, as well as increase safety by increasing the share of pedestrians and cyclists. As a result of the works between Ratajakzakka and Podgorna Streets, a residential area creates a public space that combines the functions of a street, a park, and a car park, And meeting places for residents, and for the remainder, traffic will move at a maximum speed of 30 km / hour, “- the municipality reported.

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As part of the investment, the sidewalks will be expanded, the road rebuilt, and the tram track replaced and relocated. A bicycle traffic route will be determined, underground infrastructure will be modernized, and new lighting and green spaces will appear.

The reconstructed part of the Mujahideen. Street. Marcin will have a one-way road, one tramway, and wide sidewalks. The road surface, track, sidewalks and bicycles will follow the style of a previously restored street section, but will be made of stone cubes made of Strzelin granite.

Natural stone will also be used to make the road surface, path, sidewalks, and bicycle opposite side of Al. Marcinkowski from the Mujahideen. Street. Marcin to Podgórna Street.

The city also announced that in the spring of 2022, a. Marcinkowski, 36 columned oaks will be planted, which will “create a new observation point in the National Museum Building and Paderewskiego Street”.

In the reconstructed part of the Mujahideen. Street. Marcin, where there were no green spaces yet, will put 10 flower pots with flowering plants.

The implementation of the next phase of the center’s program will require the introduction of temporary traffic regulation in the investment area.

“Works requiring deep excavation work related to replacing underground water and wastewater infrastructure will be the first to be carried out. Demolition and replacement of underground installations require the closure of S Marcw. Marcin Street to road and tram traffic – from the intersection with Ratajczaka Street. To the intersection with Piekary Street, as well as the Marcinkowskiego Street section – from the intersection with S´w Street. Marcin to Wolności Square, Podgórna Street, which can be accessed from the Wiosny side, the city said that Ludov Square, due to the closure of Marcinkowskiego Street, will be at the bottom of the street without Crossing “.

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From Saturday, part of Św. Marcin, AL. Marcinkowski, December 27. A new temporary bracket has been opened in pl. Spring of Nations. Tram lines 3, 5, 6, 9 and 13 operate on variable routes, and temporary lines have also been launched. (PAP)

Author: Rafaa Bogersebney

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