In the UK the alternative is legal and growing in popularity. Within a few years, the number of couples who chose this solution tripled. However, the story of Caitlin Cotton and Kate Postlethwaite is so unusual that the surrogate and future mother were just a few square meters away in the workplace.

Caitlin started working in 2018. She loved her boss. The women began to trust each other. Motherhood turns out to be a big dream for Kate and her husband. The woman had tried to become a mother twice before, but both campaigns ended in a miscarriage. During the first pregnancy, it is revealed during prenatal tests that the baby is saddled with several genetic defects and will not survive until a few minutes after birth. Aborted. Kate spontaneously lost her second baby at the 37th week of pregnancy.

The prospect of trying to conceive again terrified her. She confided to her employee that she and her husband were looking for a replacement. The angry Caitlin, who was already a mother of two, offered to help, and the angry manager agreed, considering all the pros and cons, to the solution. Soon Caitlin was holding Kate’s baby. The situation was so unusual that women worked almost from office to office, so the manager could see the surrogate’s belly grow every day. – I watched her and thought, “Oh my God! My baby is there!” – said the happy mother.

A year ago, Joy, the son of his long-awaited boss, finally appeared in the world. The surrogate described the experience as follows: “It was strange because I didn’t feel attached to him. I thought he was cute, but he didn’t look like me. I didn’t feel like his mother. I was instinctively protective, but I had no problem giving the boy to his mother.”

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Meanwhile, Kate and Caitlyn have split up. So the women became closer to each other, and now they support each other at work and in childcare.