Daniel OpagtecThe President of Orlen announced the conclusion of a supply contract oil With an American company. – For the first time in PKN history Orlin Conclusion of a long-term contract to supply crude oil with United States of America. The contract with ExxonMobil provides for the delivery of nearly 1 million tons of crude oil to our refineries in Poland, the Czech Republic and Lithuania, the Orlin president wrote on Twitter. And he added – We are continuing to diversify the sources of supply.

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ExxonMobile is one of the largest producers in the world Crude oil And the chemicals that depend on it. Currently, ORLEN Group’s refineries are supplied with crude oil based on long-term contracts with suppliers from Saudi Arabia and Russia Immediate delivery from countries including the North Sea, Angola and Nigeria.

Orlen supplies crude oil from USA

As announced, we are continuing the process of diversifying oil supplies and expanding our portfolio with additional quantities of American raw materials. From the start, my priority has been and still is the steady supply of all the group’s refineries OrlinConsequently, uninterrupted fuel supplies in the region, CEO Daniel Opagtek informed in a press release.

Over the past three years, we have succeeded in strengthening relationships with the largest oil producers in the world, including Saudi Aramco, and securing new supply routes, for example from West Africa. In this way, we have also increased energy security for the entire region, reducing dependence on just one resource – we read in the official statement.

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