British authorities seized the first large Russian yacht as part of the sanctions imposed by its government on Russia. The yacht named Phi, which is 58.5 meters long, has a value of 58 million pounds. Unfortunately, the British services did not reveal the identity of the oligarch who owned this boat.

yacht registered For a company based in the St. Islands. Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean, but the Maltese flag is flying.

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Super yacht captured by British services

According to the British Ministry of Transport, the yacht was first identified as a possible Russian property on March 13, and a few weeks later officials from this ministry, the National Crime Agency and the border guards He boarded a ship that was docked at Canary Wharf in East London.

“Today we have parked a £58 million luxury yacht and turned a symbol of Russian power and wealth into a clear and clear warning to (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and his colleagues. Fay’s detention proves once again that we can and will take action against those who They want to benefit from Russian relations.



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