A twenty-year-old woman is suspected of being sexually assaulted by a priest. Years later, a total of 16,000 euros in compensation was paid twice, says Aid Church in Need on its website. Van Straten is best known in the postwar period as the founder of this organization known under the German name “Kirsch in Knott”.

Kirche in Not also confirmed that the injured woman approached the organization in 2010 to prevent the canonization of Van Straten. The woman was reportedly an employee of the organization. The beatification process did not start. The annual celebration of Van Straten’s death on January 31, which has been held for years at Cologne Cathedral, has been canceled this year for any reason.

In 2019, the Kirche in Not Foundation, headquartered in Konigstein, Hesse, received more than € 111 million in donations for aid projects in more than 140 countries. The organization helps train priests, build schools and churches, promote the Bible and religious literature, and broadcast religious radio programs. The Church in Need has become an association under papal law since 2011.

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