At Samsung, they have reasons to celebrate. The Galaxy S21 had a great start.

Last year wasn’t kind to the Galaxy S series. Samsung was clearly not lucky, because the start of sales of the Galaxy S20 coincided with a global shutdown, economic paralysis and a production problem. No wonder sales fell short of expectations. The Galaxy S20 also had a lot of problems, enough to mention overheating Exynos 990 processors or auto focus problems on the most expensive S20 Ultra.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 also made its debut in circumstances that cannot be described as favorable due to the ongoing epidemic and constant logistical problems. However, Samsung appears to have gone to great lengths to modify the S21 so that its sales will not be overshadowed by the pandemic.

Samsung Galaxy S21 breaks pre-sale records.

Jack brings SamMobileIn the UK, the pre-sale of the Samsung Galaxy S21 has overshadowed not only pre-orders for the Galaxy S20, but even the Galaxy S10. Moreover, more than half of the orders were placed for the most expensive Galaxy S21 Ultra.

News of the great start to the sale of new Samsung phones also comes from South Korea, as there was a fear of limited demand. However, customers seem to be knocking on the new Galaxy with doors and windows.

Of course, you have to look at this news with a pinch of salt, because Samsung doesn’t flaunt specific numbers. A few more pieces could have been sold, and the success could already be over. However, I think the S21’s sales feature over the S20 is really important, as the product is much better than its predecessor. And let’s mention – in civilized countries (to which Poland does not seem to belong), the new galaxy is also much cheaper than it was a year ago.

Galaxy S21 It is an advance Samsung has been desperate for.

Perhaps every previous generation issue has been fixed in new smartphones. In terms of hardware, the new Galaxy S21 is a small piece of art. Even with a plastic back, the little Galaxy S21 is a nicely built smartphone, with no apparent weaknesses on the hardware side.

Samsung has also put a lot of effort into the software. The 3.1 single user interface is the most beautiful iteration of Samsung’s overlay ever. And while I still want the ads and notifications in the Settings panel to disappear from it, nothing is wrong with the usability side.

You can learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S21 series from our texts:

The Galaxy S21’s success was hard to predict. Before the premiere everything indicated that we are dealing with only a minor refresh of the S20 line, and here it turns out that there are many changes invisible to the eye. Visually (especially on the front), the Galaxy S21 hasn’t changed much compared to the previous generation. But all the slight improvements that have occurred inside make us deal with smartphones that play in a different league than their predecessors. No wonder they sell well. Of course, the marketing has been on its own, but the Galaxy S21 defends itself.

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