Coronavirus cases continued in schools across our region as the virus spread.

With the start of the semester this week, there is now a break for students and teachers, but many schools are dealing with a disruptive classroom.

The consequences varied widely from school to school, with some being able to send year or class bubbles home, and others having to shut down entirely due to lack of staff.

Self-isolation periods for students will likely continue throughout the winter, as virus rates remain high in our region Although steadfast in recent days.

Half a two-week chapter, briefly before LiverpoolMayor Joe Anderson To counter the virus, it was eventually rejected but schools would continue to face disruptions throughout the second half of the fall semester.

Teachers from across the region and the country are reporting increased pressure on their resources as they try to catch up with pupils in an education they missed earlier this year while also dealing with positive cases.

It also comes as Professor Neil Ferguson, a former government science advisor, said schools may have to close some students to contain the spread of the virus throughout the rest of this year.

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Here are the schools that he confirmed The ECHO To be infected with the Coronavirus since the start of the new term:

  1. West Derby School
  2. Sudley Juniors School, Aigworth
  3. Liverpool College, Mosley Hill
  4. Hunts Cross Primary School, Hunts Cross
  5. Our Lady of Immaculate Primary School, Everton
  6. Martyrs English Catholic Primary School, Leatherland
  7. Entry Davenhill Primary School
  8. Leatherland Moss Primary School, Leatherland
  9. KidZone Nursery, St. Helens
  10. Woodchurch High School
  11. Brackenwood School of Infants, Peepington
  12. Meadow Park School, Stockbridge Village
  13. Wade Deacon High School, Defens
  14. Broad Square Community Primary School, Norris Green
  15. Ridgway High School, Birkenhead
  16. Bedston Village Church of England Primary School, Bedston
  17. St. John’s Catholic Junior School, Woody
  18. St. James Church of England Primary School, Haydock
  19. Wargrave Church of England Primary School, Newton-le-Willows
  20. Pipington Cooperative Academy
  21. Lyngham Elementary School
  22. Archbishop Peak Catholic College, Aintree
  23. King David High School, Childwall
  24. St. Julie’s Catholic High School, Walton
  25. Calderstones School, Allerton
  26. Rudston Primary School, Childwall
  27. Windsor Elementary Community School, Tuxtwy
  28. LIPA Elementary, Liverpool City Center
  29. Cardinal Hainan Catholic College, West Derby
  30. Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School, Leatherland
  31. St Michaels Church English School, Crosby
  32. Hudson Elementary School, Mughal
  33. Childwall Academy of Sports & Science, Childwall
  34. Kirkdale St Lawrence CE Elementary School, Kirkdale
  35. Prescott School, Prescott
  36. St. Edwards
  37. Studio School, Baltic Triangle
  38. Saint Francis Xavier
  39. My elementary curiosity
  40. Fazakerely high
  41. Sup Hai
  42. Marecourt High School
  43. St. Edmund and St. Thomas Catholic Primary School, Waterloo
  44. Saint Luxe, Formby
  45. Rowan Park School, Bootle
  46. Urmiston Bowlingbrook Academy, Roncorn
  47. Ormiston Chadwick Academy, Roncorn
  48. Ashley High School, defiled
  49. St. Michael with St Thomas’ CE Primary School, Widnes
  50. Mosslands School, Wallace
  51. St. John’s Catholic Junior School, Peepington
  52. Rennford High School, St Helens
  53. Renhill High School, St. Helens
  54. Bleakhill Primary School, Windle
  55. Saint Jolie’s Primary School, Ecclestone
  56. Redbridge High School, Vasackerley
  57. Belvedere Academy, Princes Park
  58. Guyton Elementary School, Hiswall
  59. Heath School, Roncorn
  60. Maghull High
  61. Days High Muggle
  62. Willis Weston
  63. Stanley High, Southport
  64. Somerville Primary School, Wallace
  65. Tower College, Renhill
  66. St. Phillips C, Bootle
  67. Sacred Heart Crosby
  68. Forefield Junior, Crosby
  69. Formby High
  70. Alsop High, Walton
  71. Holly Lodge
  72. All Saints, Bootle
  73. Archbishop Blanche
  74. Belreve
  75. Broughton Hall, West Derby
  76. Broadgreen International School
  77. High gate
  78. Our Lady
  79. St. Hilda
  80. From the room
  81. Grange Academy, Roncorn
  82. Holy Family, Thornton
  83. Greenbank High, Southport
  84. Hillside High
  85. Anfield Road Elementary
  86. Gilmore Juniors, Garston
  87. Kensington Elementary
  88. Leamington Community Primary, Norris Green
  89. Middlefield Elementary Community, Speck
  90. Norman Pannell
  91. Springwood Heath, Garston
  92. Saint Francis de Sal
  93. The Catholic Trinity
  94. Catholic St. Albert, Knowsley
  95. Saints Peter and Paul are Catholics, Knowsley
  96. Blacklow Brow School, Knowsley
  97. Knowsley Lynn
  98. St. Mary’s Catholic, Knowsley
  99. Catholic Holy Spirit, CE, and Wirral
  100. Birkdale Elementary
  101. Christ Church M., Bootle
  102. Chesterfield High School, Crosby
  103. Liverol Northern Academy
  104. Rice Lane Primary School
  105. St. Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School, Weston
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