The sanctions imposed by Great Britain are hitting Russia. The British Ministry of Transport announced, on Tuesday, that the first Russian giant yacht was stopped in British waters as part of it.

The 58 million pound yacht named Phi, worth 58 million pounds, belongs to the unnamed Russian oligarch. It is registered with a company based in the islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean, but it flies under the Maltese flag.

The Ministry of Transport said the yacht was first identified as a potential Russian property on March 13, and officials from the ministry, the National Crime Agency and Border Patrol on Tuesday morning boarded a ship that was moored at Canary Wharf in east London.

“Today we have parked a £58 million luxury yacht and turned a symbol of Russian power and wealth into a clear and clear warning to (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and his comrades. “Faye’s arrest proves once again that we can and will take the most stringent measures against those who want to take advantage of Russian communications,” Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps said.

As part of the sanctions imposed on Russia after its attack on Ukraine, the British government banned all ships owned, chartered and operated by Russians from entering British ports.

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In addition, like the United States and the European Union, it announced the confiscation of luxury yachts owned by sanctioned oligarchs. Faye is the first yacht held in Great Britain, although a few days ago another ship of the Russian oligarch was detained in Gibraltar, a British overseas territory.