Christopher Steele She presented new information in an interview with a journalist from LBC Radio. Previously, a former spy had argued that Putin’s condition might have been “too serious”. He now asserts that although it is not known what the President of Russia is suffering from, he is Surrounded by doctors.

He is constantly accompanied by the medical team. Security Council meetings, which usually last one hour, are now divided into several sections. Putin uses breaks for medical treatment Steele said.

This behavior indicates that he is seriously ill. It is not known whether we are talking about a fatal disease, but such a case has a very serious impact on the management of Russia – said the ex-spy.

The former intelligence officer also noted that the Kremlin lacks “clear political leadership” and that command structures “do not function as they should.” “It seems that the situation is becoming increasingly unstable,” he admitted.

The Italian daily La Stampa reported that Vladimir Putin underwent surgery on Monday night from Tuesday. Service sources said that the reason for its implementation was the cancer that the Russian President was said to suffer from.

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And the British newspapers The Sun and the Daly Mirror reported on Wednesday that Putin underwent surgery by withdrawing fluid from the abdominal cavity. Ascites can cause, inter alia, cirrhosis of the liver, cancer or heart disease.

In order to hide the absence of the Russian president and create the impression that he still controlled the situation in the country, the Russian intelligence services had to draw up a plan to replace him with a double for at least 10 days. It is supposed to appear, among other things, in public, the previously prepared recordings must appear in the media, say journalists from “La Stampa”.

In turn, the British press proved that the Russian services had manipulated the alleged appearance of Putin during a recent meeting with the heads of the Russian services. The digital deepfake technology was to be used for this.

This recording was to be prepared in advance and used to show it as a “live” performance.

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