Two US Secret Service agents will be sent from Seoul to the country after an argument with a taxi driver, as they enter drunk. Secret Service personnel have gone to South Korea to prepare for US President Joe Biden’s visit to the country, ABC News reported.

Secret Service officers, i.e. Presidential Security, They got drunk and someone started an argument with the taxi driver. The clients have not been arrested and no criminal charges have been brought against them.

Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told the New York Post that the incident, which did not affect President Biden’s visit, occurred outside office hours. However, it may be a violation of the law. Guglielmi mentioned that Agents will be sent on mandatory leave.

We have very strict protocols and codes of conduct for all employees and adhere to the highest professional standards. Since this is an administrative matter, we cannot comment on it Guglielmi explained.

The Secret Service conducts thousands of operations each year for people in need of protection, including the US President on his visits abroad. Don Mahalak, a retired Secret Service agent, said of the ABC News agent incident. All this time, the chief was safe, and there were not many accidents. But the Secret Service is made up of people who make mistakes. When this happens, there is always an appropriate response and the job continues – pointed out.

The New York Post reported that the highest instance of agents accompanying the president being sent on a trip to the United States occurred in Colombia in 2012, when Secret Service agents hired prostitutes, among other things.

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