Residents of Odessa on the Black Sea are welding parts of old railways and using them to create anti-tank “hedgehog” barriers, according to a Twitter recording posted by New York Times journalist Michael Schwertz. “Mir (Odessa – editor’s note) told me that he was expecting an attack by the Russian Navy from the Black Sea at any time,” the journalist wrote.

Concentration of forces around Kyiv. Hundreds of civilians have been killed since the invasion began [NA ŻYWO]

In the registry you can see Hundreds of bars stacked in piles. A group of men welded them together to form X-shaped structures.

“Make< القنافذ >> From the old railway tracks to stop tanks in Odessa” – description of the scene shown by Michael Schwartz in the video.

Earlier on Monday, a video appeared on the Twitter of Ukraine’s Pravda portal showing Odessa residents filling bags with sand on the shore of the city from which the military fortifications were erected.

Since Thursday, the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, which Russia attacked from three sides:

  • From the south of the Crimea,
  • From the north of Belarus,
  • To the northeast of Belgorod Oblast.
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According to the Pentagon, the goal of the operation is to overthrow the authorities in Ukraine and replace it with a puppet government.

UN figures say it was recorded since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine 136 Ukrainian civilians were killed, including 13 children.