Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced that Vladimir Putin himself would decide on a possible meeting with Joe Biden. As he said, the Russian president will also personally decide to respond to US sanctions.

During a Friday interview with reporters, Dmitry Peskov stated that Vladimir Putin, when he showed Joe Biden a joint video conference in March, did not mention any preconditions. Biden’s proposal, which appeared a few days ago, “closely coincides with the proposals Putin made earlier.” Peskov added: “We still need some time to analyze Biden’s proposal, and the Russian side will respond when Putin makes a decision on the meeting.”

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The spokesman said that the Russian president will also decide himself Moscow’s response to the new US sanctions. “In general, the principle of reciprocity still applies in such matters,” Peskov said. “Everything will depend on the decision of the head of state,” he added.

Russian President Vladimir PutinAlexei Druzhinin / Pap / EPA

– Presidents ’views are clearly inconsistent when it comes to understanding building relationships on the basis of mutual benefit and taking into account common interests – Peskov said and stressed that Moscow does not accept the” love of sanctions “from the United States of America. President Putin spoke about the goal of building, normalizing and de-escalating relations – Peskov said. Peskov said: “He talks about it constantly, this is his position.”

Difficult relationships

The White House announced on Thursday that President Biden has signed an Executive Order imposing additional sanctions on Russia after its interference in the US elections and piracy attacks. As part of the new sanctions, the United States has banned American financial institutions from trading Russian bonds Six companies were designated as partners of Russian services in the hacking attacks.

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In addition, sanctions were imposed on 32 people involved in attempts to interfere in the US elections in 2020. It was also decided to expel 10 Russian diplomats suspected of spying.

Main Image Source: Alexei Druzhinin / Pap / EPA