New details regarding the assistance provided to the company, the delivery of new vaccines and new provisions, in addition to the liquidation of open pension funds. Next week will be the main topic in the economics world.

From an economic point of view, the most important thing is when restrictions are lifted. It mainly depends on vaccinations.

On Monday, posts will begin for the coming years. The first year is 1962, then every day another year will be added. Additionally, a new vaccine will arrive in Poland next week – Johnson & Johnson. It is a single dose, so those who are vaccinated with it will build up immunity faster. And the sooner we get it, the faster we get back to normal.

Covid is one thing, but next week there will be other topics as well – for example, Open Pension Funds. On Wednesday, the House of Representatives is set to adopt a law on the final liquidation of open pension funds.

The Supreme Court was also supposed to issue an important ruling on the CHF next week, but that has been postponed to May 11th.

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